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Forestry and Agricultural Equipment Financing

March 5th, 2021

Forestry and agricultural equipment financing is essential to buy land clearing equipments, mill equipments and other equipments. Agriculture and forestry largely depends upon heavy equipments in order to accomplish the related tasks easily. These equipments are generally expensive and hence require forestry and agricultural equipment financing.

Equipment purchasing is a normal practice in the field of agriculture and forestry since these equipments ensure completing the tasks without any interruptions. For instance, cutting the tree efficiently is impossible without the truck. Similarly it is obvious to use a tractor in the farm work. Therefore forestry and agricultural equipment financing is required to buy the essential equipments.

There are varieties of loan options provided by some reliable financing companies. The forestry and agricultural equipment financing is categorized as farm equipment financing, landscape equipment financing and other agricultural equipment financing.

Farm equipments vary from farm to farm according to the size and type of the farm. For instance equipments used in dairy farm may not be useful in a grain farm. There are various types of farm equipments which are useful in harvesting, threshing and cleaning the grains. Similarly there are equipments like Hay bailer which is used to compress grains in round or rectangular bales. These equipments are quit expensive and so forestry and agricultural equipment financing is required to get such equipments. Some legitimate financing companies offer low interest rate financial assistance for these purposes.

Tractors, power tiller, Ploughing equipment, planting equipments are often essential in agricultural field. Agricultural farms are using mechanized equipments nowadays for accomplishing the farm works faster and deeper. Since these equipments are indispensable for modern agriculture. The genuine financing companies would help you get such forestry and agricultural equipment financing that lets you buy all the necessary for your farm.

Landscape companies require large mowers and other equipments like edging equipment, mulching equipment, turf maintenance equipment, irrigation system like sprinkler system, drip system and so on. These equipments are vitally important for smooth operation of landscape companies. However these equipments represent a costly investment. There would be difficulty in getting financial assistance from some financing companies. Yet there are some good financing companies which can provide you financial help at lower interest rate to buy the essential landscape equipments. There would be embarrassing procedures and delayed responses. You can get the forestry and agricultural equipment financing immediately after applying for the loan provided you have the minimum qualifications to obtain the loan.

Apart from the normal agricultural and forestry equipments, there is some equipment that is in special in nature. These equipments help in improving agricultural and forestry field. For instance, automated milking machines help speeding up the milking process. However these equipments are not cheap and so they would not be used by an average farmer. But Forestry and agricultural equipment financing helps those people to buy the necessary equipments that help them provide steady improvements in their farm works.

There are yet some special types of equipment like food processing equipment, dairy machinery equipment and so on. You can get financial help from reliable companies by simply filling the online application form provided by such companies.

A Career in Agriculture and Forestry

February 5th, 2021

Agriculture is an important field of study. Being the largest sector of Indian economy, it is the prime occupation of a majority of Indians who entirely rely on it for livelihood. Study in agriculture involves a wide range of activities like research, teaching and certain supervisory works which are being done in the field. Forestry constitutes a part of the study in the agricultural science and technology field. It is also a popular academic discipline. Study in forestry encompasses affairs like global warming, deforestation, natural disasters etc.It focuses on the conservation of forests to ensure a healthy Eco system.

Agricultural courses are available at undergraduate and post graduate levels. For undergraduate course, the basic qualification is 10+2 in science with 50 % marks while for post graduation it is a graduate degree with 60% marks. Doctoral studies are also offered in this field.

Agricultural farming is becoming hi- tech now a days. The number of people engaged in agricultural farming are relatively lower though this sector presents opportunities ranging from government, non-profit organizations and private multinational companies. Major career areas in the field are includes: Agricultural Research, Agri – Business, Agricultural journalism etc. Many sub-sectors in agriculture could also offer employment prospects.

Salaries in this sector are good enough. It can be from 7,000 in the beginning to increase upto 20,000. Agricultural scientists normally earn between Rs.18, 000 and 25, 000.

Professionals in the field of forestry can be divided as Forester, Dendrologists, Ethnologists Entomologists: Forest Range Officers etc. who are involved in various kind of works.

To pursue a course in B.Sc in Forestry, the eligibility requirement is Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the intermediate level. Post graduate studies in forestry is available in various disciplines. Even one can opt for diploma courses in forestry.

Professionals in forestry can work in both government and non governmental offices, industries, organizations, or they can take up teaching also. More importantly they can appear in Indian Forest Service exams conducted by Union Public Service Commission every year which is considered as one of the lucrative career option.

Salary at an entry level is around 8,000, after experience it can go upto 26,000, the salaries are varied according to rankwise in this sector.

Many good colleges in India offer Bsc in Agriculture & Forestry course. Interested Students can opt for this course for which the eligibility is 10+2 (P.C.B./P.C.M.) or equivalent with 45% marks

Some of the premier institutes to pursue courses in the field of Agriculture & Forestry
The College of Technology and Engineering Rajasthan
University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) Uttarakhand
Orissa University Of Agriculture And Technology Orissa
The Indian Institute of Forest Management Madhya Pradesh Forest Research Institute (FRI) Dehradun
Agricultural College and Research Institute (AC & RI) Coimbatore
Association of Fisheries College Maharashtra
The Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) Keralathe
Symbiosis Institute of International Business Maharashtra